60 Minute 1-2-1 Guided Meditation Session

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In this introduction to Meditation, we will firstly explore your current situation, thoughts feelings and circumstances and what it is you feel and think meditation will do for you.

Next we will explore a variety of meditation techniques, with and without music, until we find one that you are comfortable with.

There are hundreds of meditations to choose from, we can practice and explore Intention Meditation, Breathing Meditation, Counting Meditation, Walking Meditation, Smiling Meditation, Body-Scan Meditation, Loving-Kindness Meditation, 1-Minute Meditation, Transcendental Meditation (TM), Eating Meditation and many more.

Each of the guided mediations will be personalised to you and recorded for you to practise.

Like anything, mastering Meditation will take practice. Its unlikely you will drop in to meditation easily so practice and patience are key to learning this really beneficial technique.

These 1-2-1 sessions will take place online via Zoom or Skype video call.

This course will enable you to psychologically and spiritually grow while engaging with these meditation techniques.

Your Instructor

Jo Gilbert
Jo Gilbert

Business Consultant, Success Coach and Mentor in the corporate world for the past 18 years. Jo now supports business entrepreneurs around the globe in creating their own version of success. Using proven tools and techniques including Visualisation, Goal Setting, Mindfulness and Meditation.

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